We’re “too legit to quit”!

anneSSABy Anne Priest

We have been notified by CSOLD that Secular Student Alliance at St. Cloud State University is now an official student organization!
clubofficialgraphicSSA at SCSU will be tabling in Atwood from noon to 1 p.m. this Friday and next Monday. Stop by and visit!

5 comments on “We’re “too legit to quit”!

  1. Thank you, I will be joining your club and it is truly about time we had one on campus!

    • We look forward to meeting you! Hope to see you at the informational meeting tomorrow at 3 in the Atwood Iris room. If you can’t make it, just join our facebook group and let us know what time best works for you for regular meetings.

  2. Hmm.. yes, about time we had one on campus! 😀

  3. Just a newbie question, my apologies if the issue was already discussed — just curious about why is it listed under Service & Advocacy, instead of under Religious & Spiritual. Of course I can imagine both reasons for and against.

    • That’s a perfectly valid question. We decided to classify SSA as a Service & Advocacy organization, because we are trying to dispel the belief that secularism/atheism/etc. is a form of “religion”. Service & Advocacy appealed to us because we would like SSA to be a non-religious service alternative on campus as well as an advocate for secular issues. I hope that answers your question.


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