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First April Meeting and Next Week’s Announcements

sarahBy Sarah Maddox

This week’s meeting was very lively. First, we broke the ice with a humorous discussion of our favorite deities. We heard from Jordan and Luke about their trip to see Hemant Mehta at the U of M CASH event in Minneapolis. To read more about our meeting, click on the minutes.

On Wednesday our group also tabled in the Atwood Lounge, showing off our new SSA banner. A few friendly SCSU professors stopped by to show us their support. We welcome any supporters or inactive members to stop by our booth any time to say “Hi!” We post in the meeting minutes and on the facebook group page when we plan to table.

Next week, we will not have our usual Tuesday meeting. We may meet later in the week, in which case we’ll send out a notice. If you happen to be downtown on Tuesday, you can stop by Mexican Village to say Happy Birthday to yours truly around 6 PM.

This Sunday from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM SSA members are encouraged to join us at the Tri-County Humane Society for a volunteer training. Once we’ve completed the training, we can all set up a regular time to go and volunteer as a group. If you need a ride to the TCHS, please let us know by either sending us an email at ssa@stcloudstate.edu or by posting on our facebook page. Have a great week!

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