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First Meet-up of Fall 2010!

sarahBy Sarah Maddox

Next Tuesday, August 31st, will be the first weekly meet-up of the Secular Student Alliance at SCSU for the 2010-11 school year!

Please RSVP here.
Time: 6 PM, every Tuesday this semester
Place: Granite Room in Atwood

All new and returning students are welcome to stop by for a fun laid-back meet-up where we can get introduced and start the year off on a positive note. We’ll be busting out the Apples-2-Apples game later on as well.

Our weekly meet-ups this year will be aimed at both entertainment and socializing, as well as sparking interesting discussion and planning secular-style events. All are welcome, and we encourage any level of involvement you feel comfortable with.

We also offer other ways to get involved for those who can’t make it to Tuesday night meet-ups. We have a weekly tabling schedule in Atwood (TBA), and will be planning social and educational events throughout the semester. Please check back for a weekly update here on our wordpress blog, and on our facebook page for details about tabling and other events as we announce them. We hope to see you whenever you’re free, no matter how infrequently.

As you begin a new academic year, we hope you consider yourself a welcome member of our supportive secular community.

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