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A Fantastic Start, Now On To Creativity…


By Sarah Maddox

Tabling at Mainstreet

Tabling at Mainstreet

The first two weeks of the semester have been a huge boon to our group. In between our first two meetings, we had a wildly successful day at Mainstreet, the Student Organization Fair at SCSU. We had a friendly, visible presence, and talked to many interested students who filled up an entire sign-up sheet! Our second meeting was as a result even bigger than the first – lots of new and returning faces.

We brainstormed about our plans for future events (such as Pirate Day and Family Weekend) and laughed over some pretty great button designs. Our next meet-up will be mostly dedicated to button-making, as well as display preparation for upcoming events. So, come ready to get creative! As usual, we’ll be meeting in the Atwood Granite Room at 6 PM, Tuesday September 14th. We hope to see you there!

SSA section waiting for the show to start!

We also had our first planned event of the year: a trip to the IMAX theater to see Hubble 3D! We had seven members attend from our group, in addition to 3 members from the CASH group at U of M. We were also joined by August Berkshire from Minnesota Atheists, who performed excellently in our debate last semester. The show was truly awe-inspiring, and sparked plenty of nerdy discussion. We hope to have similarly satisfying and well-attended events in the future, especially in cooperation and camaraderie with the folks from CASH.


IMAX intermission

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