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Feb. 9th Meeting – Darwin Week events!

By Secretary Drew

Greetings secular homefries. So last night we started the meeting with a scary/hilarious TV add by NOM (National Organization for Marriage) followed by a parody of it by Stephen Colbert (also hilarious).

Everyone introduced themselves by stating their name, major, favorite article of clothing, and position. Then we split up into two groups and read some nifty articles. One was an excerpt from “On the Origin of Species” by our buddy Charlie D (His birthday is this Saturday–don’t forget!). The other was an article written by good ol’ Richard Dawkins titled “Why Darwin Matters.” Then we got back together and read an interview with Bill Nye (Nerds are awesome!). Also someone suggested reading “The Relucant Mr. Darwin” by David Quammen so I thought I’d throw that up here.

After all the fun stuff we did a little serious business and voted on what movie to watch at Charlie’s (Charles Darwin’s) birthday party. Creation won against The Genius of Darwin and Intelligent Design on Trial and will be shown in Carol Hall on Saturday at 7pm. We will be watching Intelligent Design on Trial tomorrow at 5pm. The location for that is still up in the air.

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