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The Conclusion

Hey there,

The name is Joseph and I am the blogger for the Secular Student Alliance at St. Cloud. This is my first blog post ever so I’m not quite certain how to start this out, but I will go with what I can work with.

I named this post “The Conclusion” because I have went from being a theist to deist, to agnostic, and finally, atheism. While I cannot tell you with absolute authority that god(s) does not exist, I’m fairly confident (about 99.9999987654321%) that they don’t, at least the ones that I have heard of. This is the resulting conclusion I lean toward because I haven’t been given a good reason to believe in the first place; sure there’s the holy scriptures of various religions out there and granted I haven’t read all of them, but simply reading them is not enough. Being a physics major, I expect physical evidence of these deities (unfortunately, not all physics majors require this of their religious beliefs) and observations that directly lead to the conclusion that their god must exist for all of this to work out. Scientific discoveries have shown us so far that even one supreme being is not necessary for the existence of our reality and we are understanding it better and better than previous generations. This is part of the reason why I am an atheist; I haven’t seen any concrete evidence of any gods, the supernatural, or even the paranormal (i’ll cover this in the future). So there you have it. If you have such evidence on hold, please produce the goods and I’ll be happy to critique it to the best of my abilities and I might believe again.

I hope you moderately enjoyed my first post. I’ll work more content into future posts when I get the chance.

No regrets,

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