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Seeing Familiar Faces.

By Joseph

I hope you enjoyed my first post about the conclusion I have reached so far. Now I will write about what I’m sure is a pet peeve of many who read this.

Here is the link to the story.

In a nutshell, a couple in Orange County saw the face of Jesus on their wooden rocking chair and hope it is a sign of good times just right around the corner, even though they have no idea what the sign is implying (it could mean the exact opposite: bad times are coming, because the lord is pissed off). For those thinking, “If Jesus wanted to get people to believe in him again, why leave an imprint of his face on a wooden chair where only a person could find it by a chance encounter and mistaken it for an number of things?” This is exactly what goes through my mind, and quite frankly, no one can really answer this. I say no one can answer this is because, well, when talking about mythical beings, there really is no right or wrong about their nature or their state of mind (apparently the faithful can make up the minds of their deities).

Moving on, anyone who has heard of this kind of news knows it isn’t really news at all. We all have seen a face at some time or another in otherwise purposeless patterns and it’s not all that surprising. There is a term for this and it’s called Pareidolia. Many don’t realize the folly of their perceptions and how their brains can fool themselves into thinking they saw something significant like a sign. There are many examples of this psychological phenomenon including the face of Mars, the Old Man on the Mountain, the Man on the Moon, Mr. MIMAL (can you guess which states I’m refering to?), and yes, the faces of messiahs like Jesus on toast or rocking chairs. They are all misconceptions of patterns that have no real value beyond the few who take them seriously. Like I said before, THIS IS NOT NEWS, but I suppose it was a slow news day for KTLA. They got to keep us entertained, right? Or maybe their perceptions fooled them too, who knows?

Generous readings!

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