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2/23/2011 Meeting

By Secretary Drew

Last night we had a great meeting. As always we began with introductions (Name/major/favorite kind of ice cream/prefered type of electricity, DC or AC). Then we watched a video of an interview done by The Young Turks with Jen McCreight about Boobquake and did some brainstorming to help Jen come up with a title for her talk in march (my favorite so far is “Out of the Kitchens, Out of the Churches, but there were a lot of other great ones). Some of our members who had attended the other night’s astronomy presentation (“2000 Years of Astronomical Discoveries” by Prof. David Williams) told the rest of us a bit about what went on. For the rest of the meeting we watched some interesting videos. The first one was the introduction for an episode of Horizon about what happened before the “Big Bang.” We watched a funny video called “The Saga of Biorn” about an old Viking looking for a worthy opponent so that he may die in battle and enter Valhalla. Neil deGrasse Tyson making fun of 2012 doomsdayers, Hitchens (“Hitchslap”), and a clip from The Atheist Experience. So, over all, it was a very laid back meeting punctuated with some good laughs. Hope to see you at the next one!

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