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God’s Lady Problem: Breaking Up with Abusive Supernatural Beings

By Joseph

Hey Everyone, I hope you had a good spring break! Now that things are back in full swing here, we like to focus our attention on our upcoming event of the month: “God’s Lady Problem: Breaking Up with Abusive Supernatural Beings“. The date is Tuesday, March 22 at 7:00 pm in the Cascade Room of Atwood Student Union and the speaker is Jen McCreight. She hosts the blog Blag Hag where she writes about skepticism, feminism, science, sex, and atheism. She’ll have a 30 minute Q&A session after the hour-long talk, so anyone with sweet sweet inquiries should express them freely! I’ve got several questions for Jen myself that need light shed on them for good measure, such as “How has skepticism influenced your feminism?”, “What is it about religion that is appealing to women despite being intrinsically and obviously sexist toward them, even for those who claim to be feminists?” and “What plans do you have in the works for future activism?”. We hope all will go well for everyone and don’t be afraid to welcome Jen with open arms to SCSU, so see you there!

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