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Meeting Minutes March 30, 2011

Last Wednessday’s meeting was very busy. We started with an update on next year’s budget. We now have less money for Chris Steadman’s speaking fee, but at least we have money for printing and operating.

 Then, after a brief discussion on tabling etiquette, we turned to a University Chronicle article “In Defense of Literature” by Jack Lofgren. The general consensus was that the article unfairly insinuates that atheists cannot appreciate art or literature because “the Atheist does not accept things that cannot be measured by humans”, and the SSA will be sending a letter to the editor explaining our concerns.

Looking for a mood lightener we opened discussion to thoughts about Jen McCreight’s speech last month. James said that he really enjoyed it and was glad to hear more about the modern femenist movements, Joe said he was interested in McCreight’s defenition of feminism, Katie said that she liked how Jen was able to keep most of her speech light hearted, and Grant was suprised to learn that ther were anti-woman sentiments in Bhuddism and Hinduism as well as those more familiar to us (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam)

Our last order of business was getting voluteers for Ask a Secular Student Day which as no problem at all. Our volunteers include Chris, Ben, Grant, Jeremy, Diana, Eli, Joseph, Sarah, and yours truly. Cake was mentioned.

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