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Meeting Minutes for August 31st and 7th

Meeting Minutes August 31st, 2011

Ice breakers (2truths&1lie)

About SSA/History

-Facebook (Events, posting, links, discussion, and such)
-Wordpress Blog (Blog posts, meeting minutes, pictures, constitution, and such)
-secularstudents.org (Elections, Mission, donations, speakers thingy, requirements for affiliation, political issues)

SSA video (Youtube acting glitchy)

Symphony of Science – A Wave of Reason
Free Discussion

Meeting Minutes 2/7/2011

Ice Breakers-”What would you do with a robot?”

Yahya describes interfaith panel

Sarah talks about Greta Christina (Atheism and Sexuality)

9/11 memorial cross lawsuit
-Stewart Video
-American Atheists (description, brief history, and “in-movement” talk about them.)
Michael Stahl’s atheist registry
-Direct reading from blog
-What are you? (Atheist, agnostic, etc.), Are you out? How does the list make you feel?

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