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Atheist Music

So, as many of you may know, or at least after reading a few blog post you may now know, I don’t sleep nearly as much as a normal human does. I can survive for weeks on end with 4 hours a night. and I have done this, for weeks on end. Now, I am not happy about getting such little sleep, but I still perform at peak performance.
They took away my axe after my last extreme sleepless week…
Besides caffeine and the insatiable need to get things done, the greatest tool I have to keep awake in these difficult times is music. Now, for those who don’t use music as a stimulant, you need a nice strong rhythm and beat to keep you moving. Also, if it inspires a strong rebellious/courage/righteous feeling, its all the better. That is why I was super excited to hear one of Fun.’s new songs One Foot 

This is an awesome song, especially if you need to keep a driving beat. It is also kinda a militant atheist song.

I happen to stumble upon a chapel last night.And I can’t help but back up when I think of what happens inside.I got friends looked in boxes. And no way to live.But you call it a sin. Isn’t up to them.After all, after all I thought we were all your children,But I will die for my own sins thanks a lot.We’ll rise up ourselves thanks for nothing at all,so up off the ground up for fathers who are nothing but dust now.

Now, this is certainly not the first atheist song, nor the best, that being said, I have been blogging for many hours, and this song is playing, so I’m going to be talking about it. {By the Way, donate to SSAWEEK }
This brings me to an odd place though. Should there be atheist music. A gut reaction of mine says, why? for those who never took a middle school music class, there are 2 categories in music, sacred and secular. Sacred music being music directly about god, and secular music not being about god. So most music in today’s society is secular…. Isn’t that enough? Do we need music about atheism?
Also, do we need Justin Bieber? NO!
So, After much thought and introspection, I have realized that we really do. Besides the fact the becoming an atheist can be a very meaningful experience,  being an atheist in a very theistic community, like many American atheists, can be a very difficult thing. You can be ostracized, harassed, and even assaulted. And that kind of experience is one of the truest experiences that you can ever have. And it leads to some really awesome music…..
For instance, Shelley Segal‘s An Atheist Album is really awesome music, that wonderfully express some of the experiences that an atheist goes through today. http://shelleysegal.bandcamp.com/
I highly recommend her music, and I really love it. (especially Saved (Acoustic)) Speaking of things I recommend, did you know it’s #SSAWeek?
So, over the next day, please consider donating money, or at least sharing our blog and hashtag  #SSAWeek. For more info please visit http://www.secularstudents.org/ssaweek or to donate Visit here. Thanks for your support, and see you soon!
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Me, Ben SweaterVest Blanchard.

One comment on “Atheist Music

  1. That is a good song. Have you heard of MC Hawking? He has some pretty good music. My favorite is Big Bizang.

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