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I find networking one of the most vile, terrible things that occurs in our modern society. That being said, I am I am consistently networking, and I am make a point of being excellent at it.

For increased effect, please play before continuing….
Im serious, Please play…. Its kinda important…
So, as Glinda made a point of in the song Popular from the musical Wicked,

think of
celebrated heads of state,
or specially great communicators!
did they have brains or knowledge?
don’t make me laugh!

they were POPULAR!
please! it’s all about popular.
it’s not about aptitude,
it’s the way you’re viewed,
so it’s very shrewd to be,
very very popular like ME!

Sadly, this is true. We live in a society where intelligence or aptitude or talent or even hard-work is often not the major reason for success. In our society, the most important factor is who you know. Now, this is not to say that intelligence/aptitude/talent/hard-work are not important, as they truly are, but networking gives an edge that can best all other factors. Now, I find that terrible. I wish we lived in a world where success was derived solely of off hard work and aptitude. I wish that the world was fair, but it is not….

And that makes kittens sad
But we must work within the rules we are given. And one of those rules is that no matter how perfect something is, if no-one knows about it, it might as well not exist. That is why I have worked hard to become a good networker. It is not hard, and it is something that anyone can do. For instance,
1) Talk.
 I know this sounds odd, but even at conferences, which is the holy grail of networking, I have seen people not talk to anyone around them. By simply conversing with others, you are opening up the door to a future connection. While this person may not be a vital person, by connecting with them, you are increasing your network
2) Make an impression
 Be memorable. For instance, I wear a sweatervest, and in doing so, I am even more memorable than I would be otherwise. Also, don’t try to blend into the crowd. Im not swing you should make a scene (you should’t) or that you should be weird (you probably shouldn’t) but just be yourself. When you are honest about who you are, and you don’t just try to hide in the crowd, people will remember you, and that makes for good networking
3) Be awesome
I know I said that other factors are nothing without networking, but everything gets better when you rock. If you are being outgoing, and people find out how smart/hard-working/cool you are, and see how well you treat others, the job is done. You will have connections that will help to spread your message and influence.
Now there are a lot more aspects of networking, and I would one to share more, but first, how about sharing with the SSA?

So, over the next day, please consider donating money, or at least sharing our blog and hashtag  #SSAWeek. For more info please visit http://www.secularstudents.org/ssaweek or to donate Visit here. Thanks for your support, and see you soon!

This is post 3/24 by SSA@SCSU for the SSA blogathon in support of the Secular Student Alliance! Go donate to them!

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