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On College Republicans


Earlier this year, my university Saint Cloud State, was host to the…. Interesting…. Bradlee Dean. Now, for those of you who are lucky enough to have never had to hear of this man, Bradlee Dean is the founder and executive director of the ministry, YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CANNOT HIDE INTERNATIONAL.  Bradlee Dean is best known for evangelizing in public schools. That is right…. in public, tax funded schools, this man would openly preach about god, the bible, and focuses on “ADD and ADHD as diabolical fictions and emphasizes the importance of setting and adhering to rules and holding children accountable for their mistakes.” Additionally, the students are split into groups, where the young girls are given a “Virtue Class” and reminded to not become “leftovers” for their future husband. All of this in PUBLIC schools…

This was the most appropriate Face-Palm I could find

Now, since he has gained some notoriety, he has not been able to continue this violation on church and state, and instead he has spread hate on other mediums. Including these pleasantries that Rachael Maddow called him out on

In case you didn’t want to watch, although I would certainty recommend it if you want a laugh, he talks about how there should be more bloodshed of the gays, and about how each gay “molests 117 people”

on average, before they are found out…. He literally said that on his radio show, The Sons Of Liberty…. This means that either

  • A) Several of my friends are behind on their quota OR
  • B)  He is a hateful idiot

Now, by hateful, I don’t mean by my own standards, I mean that he has had his videos taken down by Google, because of hate speech….


A fact that he brags about on his site

A little more recently, he gave a “non-denominational” prayer, where he started off fine, then crashed and burned when he started talking about Jesus… This performance lead several republicans to “personally denounce” him. That along with his views on homosexuality that other republicans stated was similar to that of Nazi Germany. Now, the wonderful College Republican at Saint Cloud State invited him to come and speak. A man who’s entire notoriety is due to being a hate-monger…

     That being said, when the event came closer, the national republicans warned them to not host this speaker, and that they would supply a different speaker. When the current president, who had only been president a few weeks, declined, the party insisted. They made it clear that they will have trouble finding Republican jobs in the future. Still, the SCSU college republicans held strong, to disastrous complications…

“Sometimes young people need to have better judgement in who they invite to things under the Republican banner. If you are going to do dumb things, and not take the advice of the state college Republicans and the state chairman of the Republican party, it might have some  consequences…..When you’ve been given good advice from the top of the food chain, sometimes, you’ve just got to listen,” – Pat Shortridge (Party Chair of the MNGOP)

Additionally, the chairman of the Minnesota College Republicans threatened to disassociate the group from the statewide organization if the speaker performed with the groups blessing.

Now, I understand where the group is coming from, they don’t want to be bullied by anyone, even their own higher-ups. And I understand that the current president likely did not plan this event, and is in a very difficult position. That being said, it should be a simple matter. The event should be canceled…. And this is because of one simple fact. We are students. This is a student group, and you rely heavily on the national group’s support. I know that if one of my groups had their backing pulled, it would be devastating…

Sadly, the group did, in fact, host the event. In a last minute protest, thrown together on Facebook, there were over 100 students in a peaceful protest on the lawn outside of the event. The event itself only drew in about 50 people, and it seemed from the open mic section immediately after his performance, that the majority of them were only there to voice their disapproval. As a whole, the event was a blunder. The only real effect of the event was the protest, which caused dozens of people to feel support and love. From my own instinct, it was actually beneficial, as the group opposing mine is now significantly worse off.

That being said, I know that as a whole, this event has had irrevocable damage to Saint Cloud State. That is because, the College Republicans kept their word, and have actually removed Saint Cloud from the list of chapters.

Now, I know that I was a bit skeptical when I looked this up, thinking that perhaps they were never on the list…. so I asked the internet, and was given the archive page, where guess what, as of the last saved archive page,


Saint Cloud State is listed…. So, based on all the evidence, the Minnesota College Republicans no longer exist at Saint Cloud State, and as a result, there will be a lot less of necessary debate. Without this debate, people will no longer be fighting as strongly, and this makes me sad. Because now, apparently, my own beliefs have won at SCSU, but have won because there is no opposition. And this makes me terribly sad, because as much as I love winning, I don’t like winning by default.

Just so you know, I still love science!  (you may have to click this image to see it)

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