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Rant on Science vs. Prayer



So, as you most certainly know, I am a scientist. I LOVE science….. If I could marry science, I would. As a result of this adoration/lust for science, when people start dismissing it, I am so enraged, I have a fit of anger that just turns me into a creditable hulk.


True story!


So when someone belittles science and our modern world by saying how science requires faith, or about how it hasn’t gotten us anywhere, I crack a little on the inside…. The ability of people to completely dismiss what has given them almost everything good in their life in incredible. 


I usually spill of this little rant.


Look around, for just a moment. In you are inside, almost everything you can see was brought to you by science. The carpet on the floor. The paint on the walls. The building itself was designed using scientific knowledge in the form of architecture. Not to mention every piece of cement, metal, PLASTIC. All of these things did not happen because someone prayed. These things did not just magically appear. These wondrous things happen because of science, hard-work, and the HUGE sum of knowledge that we have accumulated since the beginning of mankind. These Modern miracles, like Cellphones, Power-lines, Chemotherapy, Wikipedia, microwave dinners, hot tubs, and even the Laptops/desktop/tablet that you are reading this from, happened because we were not sated with religious dogma. We wanted to make the world a better place, and so we did. We do more in a single day of research than thousands of years of prayer have ever done. 

And that usually shuts them up. Whether or not they listen and take any of that to heart is beyond my knowledge, but I can always hope. 




The most aggravating thing is when people are thankful of some advances, and completely against others…. 


The lack of continuity that some people have is simply amazing…. Speaking of lack of continuity, donate to #SSAWeek



So, over the next day, please consider donating money, or at least sharing our blog and hashtag  #SSAWeekFor more info please visit http://www.secularstudents.org/ssaweek or to donate Visit here. Thanks for your support, and see you soon!





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