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The Death of Hitch; the loss of a voice

It has been six month now since the death of Christopher Hitchens and I have realized something recently. The Atheist movement has lost its voice. Christopher Hitchens was the voice of the atheist movement. While we still have Dawkins, Harris and Dennett and as great as those men are to the movement none have the charisma of Hitch. One of my favorite debates to watch is the Hitch and Fry debate with the catholic church, to me that was Hitch at his best. Now I have seen and heard debates by Harris and Dennnett and honestly they put me to sleep, and as good as they’re arguments are they just don’t seem to match up to Hitch. Dawkins is a scientist and makes great arguments with scientific evidence but is not a philosopher and is seen by most Americans as a posh British antagonist and can’t quite relate to the common man. Hitch was the one who went on television and defended atheism and did it well he got your blood boiling when he would talk about things such as female genital mutilation, that’s what I think was so great about Hitch he talked about why was religion was bad not weather if it was true or not or if it was philosophically valid, no he talked about the atrocities of religion and he was not afraid to talk about it.

So where do we go from here, six month after his death no one has taken his place, sure we have some great speakers like Greta Christina I heard her speak about atheism and sexuality and thought it was a great topic. I also read her most recent book “why are Atheist so angry?”  It outlined why we are angry, and why we should be. It set out what perhaps we should do with this anger but she is also a blogger and that is where I think is her strength is.  there is also Matt Dillahunty from the Atheist experience he has been on the road recently giving debates and talks but he seem more like a Lil’ Dawkins then a Lil’ Hitch and let’s not forget PZ Meyers from Pharyngula. One of the most popular bloggers in the movement but again he is a blogger and a scientist. To me there seems to be this lack one distinct voice, while a million tiny voices is powerful sometimes one strong voice is more appropriate and that is what we need that is what we are missing lately one strong voice amongst the millions to be heard.

So in conclusion, for six months we have been without a voice. Dawkins, Dennett, and Harris are great at what they do. Dawkins is great at being a Scientist. Dennett and Harris have the whole philosophy field cover but that’s not Hitch. There are those in the movement who might be up to the task as being our voice, but sad to say could never fully replace Hitch’s charisma and character. That is what happened we have lost a great speaker and defender of atheism but perhaps more importantly we have lost our voice and I think it’s about time for someone to step up because a voice is better than no voice.

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-Grant Norman

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