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So, as you may or may not know, I like to debate…. A lot…. So much that some have claimed that I may have an addiction to debate. I tried to convince them otherwise, but its kinda a Catch-22.

Though with a lot less war. 
That being said, I usually know when to stop a debate, because you are just not going to win. I usually try to follow these 3 rules. 


Recently I ran into one of these debates on a thread on Facebook. it went like this. 
This person (in red) had clearly articulated his point, and what he is looking for. The reply from the fundie (in grey) docent even make sense. He is that far gone, and so utterly indoctronated that he is incapable of answering a basic question. Instead, he just fails. At this point, you should just stop, because he is just too far gone. 
There are many types of people who are just too far gone. Young earth creationists are a good example. When someone is willing to believe that there is a massive conspiracy across the world involving millions of scientists, they are usually not going to listen. Now, this is not to say you won’t win, there is just usually a better way to spend your time. 
Making memes, raising a cat, or making a meme about raising a cat are all better things. 


Now, I mean the word forum in the technical term of 


  1. A meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.
If at any time the forum itself is actively working against you, it may just be time to stop. Now, you might say “that would never happen, a forum is a place for the open exchange of ideas”. I chuckle at your youthfulness and weep for the fact that your spirit will soon be crushed on the internet. 
Recently, I was schooling some “uninformed” citizens *Cough*Idiots*Cough* on why there should not be school prayers at graduation. Feel free to peruse the debate at The Blaze. Now, even though this forum is filled with people who are uninformed of the constitutional law, I enjoyed assisting them. I even got one user to see the error of their ways, and realize the suite was just. That being said, in  debate like this, you must have a lot of patience, as it gets aggravating. 
This was not enough facepalm for some of the commentaries.
That being said, I was working in a fair fight for a just cause…… Until they stopped publishing my responses. I noticed that several of my responses had not been published. Being the kind hearted man I am, simply assumed the server was lagging, and it may take a bit to publish more comments. So,  I finished up my internetting for the night, went to bed, and about 10 hours later, My comments had still not been published. Others had, and yet mine were not. I then recommended, thinking there was a good chance it was just a computer error, and 12 hours later, still nothing. I have received no notice, no warning, nothing. Just my comments are no longer being published on TheBlaze. Now, they have every right to censor me, as they are a private entity. That being said, when your playing field is so far out of whack, its probably time to put your time to better use. 
If you are looking for a better way to spend your time, 
Why Not Zoidberg?


Now, I know you don’t want to think it happens, but you may occasionally be wrong. You are only human (as far as I know) and things happen. You may have misunderstood the original argument, you may have gotten swept up in something else, you may have not understood the issue, or you may have been using incorrect stats. It docent matter why you are wrong, because you are wrong. It happens. Everyone is wrong sometimes. Even me. 
I have been watching a lot of Futurama recently. 
But that is not the important part. The important part is that after you realize that you are wrong, to acknowledge it, fix it, and move on. Too often I see people who must have realized that they were wrong, and just continued to fight. At a point, you really have to stop. I hold the highest respect for people who correct their mistakes instead of fighting a bad fight. But sadly, this happens a bit, and even great people succumb to it. That being said, unlike the other points to where you should probably stop, because you will probably not get anywhere, with this point, you NEED to stop, because you could actively ruin others.
That being said, people must also be accepting when people acknowledge their mistakes, and move on. By holding someone to a mistake that they have corrected, you are only making the situation, and the world, a worse place.
Now, speaking of changing the world, look at how we are helping to change the world 


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