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Humanism by Mike **Bonus 2


I have spent quite some time advocating rights for people who claim that my very existence represses them. For years I have listened to the feminists and men’s rights activists rightly accuse each other of being short sighted, the Christians, Jews, Muslims, and atheists fighting for their place (or lack thereof) in the legal system, African-Americans and Latinos complaining about imbalances of scholarships they feel they’re owed, and have heard race and poverty issues confused countless times. It would appear we all want to help, but gaps are not being bridged by people picking and choosing which injustices are more worth fighting for.

Individual movements are incredibly easy on an individual level, but they can be beyond frustrating for legitimate humanists. Now, don’t get me wrong: I acknowledge that complex issues do require specialized study, and I have absolutely zero issues with people who have dedicated themselves to solving problems that require additional attention. My concerns address the people who provide unequal advocacy to different people under the guise of ‘tolerance’ and put up barriers against those who don’t identify with their cause. Everyone’s rights are everyone’s responsibility. Humanism (by its very nature) is the absence of these ridiculous titles which advertise the idea that some rights are more worth fighting for.

We need to accept that a non-homogenous society will always have imbalance. We will never have perfectly distributed rights, we will never be free of social stigmas, and there will always be advantaged and disadvantaged groups. It is best to think of society as a massive and varying scale with many arms. Having different numbers of people stack weights on their specific arm (in nearly blind response to others) will not be an effective way of staying close to balance. Humanism is the attention to all arms, to all people, and will ultimately be the best way for society to cohesively function.

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