Let me open my first SSA post with this quote from a book that everyone should read. It is Meditations for the Humanist: Ethics for a Secular Age, by A.C. Grayling. I find myself often rereading the book and revisiting his notes on speciesism (pages 83-5). Anyway, on to the quote: “There is a parallel […]

Unjustified Pessimism and Accusations

So there has been a quote attributed to Ben Stein makings its way around the internet in various forms. The quote claims that the “world’s going to hell” and that this is related to secularism or Christian’s getting “pushed around.” As about.com explains Mr. Stein did say some of these things, but much of the quote […]

Why by Paul Larson **Bonus post 3

{POSTED FOR SSAWEEK PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR HOW TO HELP}  I am an atheist; a practicing atheist.  “There is no God” is not a truth statement for me, it is a working hypothesis.  It has been my goal for the last nine years to falsify this hypothesis.  After nine years of reading whatever I can get my […]

Humanism by Mike **Bonus 2

{POSTED FOR SSAWEEK PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR HOW TO HELP} I have spent quite some time advocating rights for people who claim that my very existence represses them. For years I have listened to the feminists and men’s rights activists rightly accuse each other of being short sighted, the Christians, Jews, Muslims, and atheists fighting for their […]

My First Date with The SSA

{POSTED FOR SSAWEEK PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR HOW TO HELP} In the beginning, there was them and us, well, so I thought. They, the Secular Student Alliance (SSA) and us the Believers but now I have learned that we are all human. I was on my way for some serious prayer that probably consisted of “Please Lord, I […]


{POSTED FOR SSAWEEK PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR HOW TO HELP}   I saw this on my Facebook feed:       With the title “Karma is a b****”.     Now, Im all for teh lols But the issue I have with karma is that it is so widely held as true in our culture. Just to make myself clear, […]

On Homeopathy

{POSTED FOR SSAWEEK PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR HOW TO HELP}   So, one of my members posted this to our group wall….  “Of course homeopathy works. That’s why we buried Bin Laden at sea… to cure terrorism.” -Reddit user ‘ImNotJesus’ He rocks. That being said, I have very few more words on homeopathy. Besides the fact that it […]