Executive Board

Secular Student Alliance at SCSU uses a traditional executive board structure. For Spring Semester 2011, three Co-Presidents have been elected to share the workload. Descriptions of the responsibilities of each position on the Executive Board can be found in the Bylaws


Ben Blanchard
Ben defines himself as a skeptic above all else, but after that he would probably declare himself a scientist and a hard worker. The rest of us think he is a robot due to his near lack of sleep that would kill most.


Jeremy Rooker
Jeremy is a smart, often misunderstood Co-President of the Secular Student Alliance at Saint Cloud State University. He enjoys writing in impossibly small handwriting in his notebook, and studies psychology at the university.


Jordan Kretsinger

Jordan is most famous for her encyclopedia like knowledge of everything Harry Potter.

Volunteer/Fundraising Chair

Mike Pyka

Mike is the director of Funds Acquisition Through Ethical Extortion at the SCSU branch of the SSA. He qualifies as an avid automotive afficianato, with the only thing more flawless than his driving record being his hair.

Communications/PR Chair

Kate Appleby

Kate is majoring in Mass Communications with emphases in Advertising and Public Relations. She is known for her obsessive devotion to various British TV shows and once shook hands with Alan Rickman.


Adam Bennet

Adam is a political studies major, but we try to not hold that against him. Otherwise, he recently traveled abroad in England.


Sarah Maddox

Sarah is an Ecology and Field Biology major, with her emphasis in Wildlife Management. She was born and raised in Rochester, MN. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys baking, playing with her pet rabbit, reading about science, and watching the show Friends. She aspires to make the world a better place for animals as a zookeeper and/or wildlife rehabilitator.

Anne Priest

Anne started our facebook group in August of 2009, and contacted the SSA to initiate our affiliation with them. She was the main catalyst in the birth of our organization and we would not be here without her hard work and initiative. She also invented the secret Pastafarian handshake that some members have used in the past.

Faculty Advisors

Professor Matt Barton

Dr. Mónica Peláez

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