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2/16/2011 Meeting

By Secretary Drew

At last night’s meeting we got some feedback about how Darwin Week went. People said that they liked the both movies, and the fact that they were shown on Friday and Saturday. Someone recommended that next year we could co-sponsor an event with the biology department. It was mentioned that might we have advertised or promoted the events earlier we could have had a larger audience (meaning we would need a larger room since we were at capacity for the room in Carol Hall). Another suggestion was to have more visual aids (and more “Jesus Riding a Raptor” buttons). Other than that people said they enjoyed the coloring and that the raffle was a big crowd pleaser.

We also discussed scheduling a second weekly meeting for those of you who can’t make it to the Wednesday meetings and possible titles for Jen McCreight‘s talk (March 22nd, 7 PM in Atwood). Please send us an email at ssa@stcloudstate.edu if you have any input on what day/time to hold a second weekly meeting, and any suggestions for a title on Jen’s women/non-theism talk.

The articles discussed at the meeting were “Secularism’s Gift to the World” by Tom Flynn and “How Belief in Theistic Evolution is Nearly as Much of a Denial of Science as Creationism” by Dan Fincke.

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