Why by Paul Larson **Bonus post 3

{POSTED FOR SSAWEEK PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR HOW TO HELP}  I am an atheist; a practicing atheist.  “There is no God” is not a truth statement for me, it is a working hypothesis.  It has been my goal for the last nine years to falsify this hypothesis.  After nine years of reading whatever I can get my […]

Humanism by Mike **Bonus 2

{POSTED FOR SSAWEEK PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR HOW TO HELP} I have spent quite some time advocating rights for people who claim that my very existence represses them. For years I have listened to the feminists and men’s rights activists rightly accuse each other of being short sighted, the Christians, Jews, Muslims, and atheists fighting for their […]

My First Date with The SSA

{POSTED FOR SSAWEEK PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR HOW TO HELP} In the beginning, there was them and us, well, so I thought. They, the Secular Student Alliance (SSA) and us the Believers but now I have learned that we are all human. I was on my way for some serious prayer that probably consisted of “Please Lord, I […]


{POSTED FOR SSAWEEK PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR HOW TO HELP}   I saw this on my Facebook feed:       With the title “Karma is a b****”.     Now, Im all for teh lols But the issue I have with karma is that it is so widely held as true in our culture. Just to make myself clear, […]

On Homeopathy

{POSTED FOR SSAWEEK PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR HOW TO HELP}   So, one of my members posted this to our group wall….  “Of course homeopathy works. That’s why we buried Bin Laden at sea… to cure terrorism.” -Reddit user ‘ImNotJesus’ He rocks. That being said, I have very few more words on homeopathy. Besides the fact that it […]

Rant on Science vs. Prayer

  {POSTED FOR #SSAWEEK PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR HOW TO HELP} So, as you most certainly know, I am a scientist. I LOVE science….. If I could marry science, I would. As a result of this adoration/lust for science, when people start dismissing it, I am so enraged, I have a fit of anger that just […]

On Miracles

 {POSTED FOR SSAWEEK PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR HOW TO HELP} Every once and a while, a friend of mine will post a link to a sweet story about how god saved someone, or about how a prayer saved a life… Really just about a Miracle something similar to this     Now, don’t get me wrong, it […]